Frequently Asked Questions

Last Update: July 3rd, 2018
1: How do I block / unblock someone?

To block any member, simply visit their profile page and hit the “block” button under the ACTIONS box. If You ever want to unblock that member, just return to their profile and you can now select “UNBLOCK” from the ACTIONS box.

2: Are my pictures safe from theft?

No. Nothing on the internet is guaranteed safe. Though we take every measure possible to prevent your content from being stolen, some things are beyond our control. (Screen shots, copy & paste, etc) If you ever find that your content has been compromised, please contact support@anythingerotic.com

3: How do I change my relationship status and account billing?

Visit your EDIT PROFILE page to make any changes that you want to make.

4: Why do I have to purchase a membership?

Our website is loaded with member features, chatrooms, detailed profiling and matching, forums, events, etc. and your paid membership gives you access to ALL features. You can purchase your membership for $10.00/month OR for extra savings you can purchase an annual membership for $99! We also researched to make sure that you are getting the best rate possible on our site and there are no other hidden fees. ONE fee for ALL features.

5: How do I change what I / we are looking for?

Visit your EDIT PROFILE page to make any changes that you want to make.

6: How do I add my pictures on / remove them from the featured members photo's?

Submit these requests to info@anythingerotic.com

9: How do I contact support services?

Send all customer support questions, feedback, etc to info@anythingerotic.com

10: What do I need to report harassment / abuse / content theft or other inappropriate behavior?

Please submit any complaints, reports of harassment or abuse, content theft and/or general support questions to info@anythingerotic.com and put appropriate heading in subject line. Please be sure to provide us with as much detail as possible, including screen shots and usernames of all parties involved. 

11: How do I meet someone?

Start by completing your detailed profile and joining the chat rooms, forums, etc. Be involved and come to events! There are lots of events that are just meet and greet style, as well as play parties too. You can also search the site for members who match your interests and what you are looking for! 

12: My profile isn't getting many visits what can I do?

Be sure to complete your profile in detail and upload some pictures. Even if you don’t want to show your faces, you can still upload sexy pics, funny memes, quotes, etc anything that helps people learn more about you. Join the conversation in our chat rooms, forums, etc and be sure to come and check out our events as well! 

13: What happens at Anything Erotic events / meets?

At anythingerotic.com we want to make sure that everyone is comfortable and can go at their own pace. That is why we are committed to offering several different types of events, ranging for meet and greets to play parties. For specific details, visit the event page. 

14: Why can't I publicly advertise my event?

We are committed to providing you with more events than you can even attend, ranging from meet & greets to play parties. If there is a special occasion event you would like to organize please email Tess at tess@anythingerotic.com with “SPECIAL OCCASION EVENT” in the subject line and we will do our best to accommodate your requests. Anyone advertising outside events without approval will be banned from the site for 7 days and repeat offenders will be removed. We do this because we want to make sure that all events are a success and don’t want to start having multiple events scheduled for the same day. Please note………Anything Erotic Inc. does NOT endorse ANY events, other than our own, which can be found on the events page on the website. 

15: How do I change my status?

Simply click on the + icon at the top right of your screen. You can also load photos and create your own blog posts and forum topics here as well. 

Have other questions that have not been addressed here? Please send an email to info@anythingerotic.com and we will answer your questions and update our FAQ’s to make the answers available to all our members. 

Stay Sexy!!