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At Anything Erotic our mission is to bring together like minded people who practice ethical non-monogamy or want to explore their kinks/kinky side.

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Meeting new people has never been so safe, verified, and reliable. All accounts, from individual users to joint accounts go through a screening process. As a new or existing user you can feel comfortable & secure knowing that everyone is a real person who has also signed a NDA (Non-Disclosure agreement). The NDA protects your privacy and helps ensure no-one steals your content. Enjoy the freedom to express yourself however you want without judgement or fear of being banned or outed.

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If you are polyamorous, swinger, kinkster, in a open-relationship, single, gay, bi-sexual, bi-situational,  pan-sexual, no matter how you identify this is the place for you!

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Who knew I was Poly? After meeting some wonderful people on AE I found an amazing couple. Our triad relationship opened me up to many new experiences and love!

J.D. — Stony Plain, Alberta

I have found a safe and nurturing place to express all parts of my sexuality without judgement from others.

H.L. — Edmonton , Alberta

Anything Erotic is a safe and fun haven for anyone in the lifestyle no matter what your niche is.

C.F. — Edmonton, Alberta

Anything Erotic has opened my eyes to a new lifestyle that fits my wants and needs. It has helped me grow as a person, and the support from everyone in the group has been exponential in any area.

E.L. — Edmonton, Alberta

Anything Erotic is an amazing safe place to meet new and exciting people and explore your sexuality.

R.D. — Edmonton, Alberta

When I joined Anything Erotic a year and a half ago I was a naive, shy, "vanilla" girl that didn't feel confident in my own skin. Now I would say the very opposite is true! I found everyone at AE so open, welcoming and encouraging that I was really able to explore my sexuality and my kink side.

L.F. — Stony Plain, Alberta

Anything Erotic has an incredible assortment of features that most other sites/apps do not have and at a fraction of the price. Top notch people too, proud to be a member!

D.Z. — Edmonton, Alberta

So far we are enjoying the site. Everyone is very nice and we love the ability to post without fear of being sent to jail lol

C&S — Edmonton, Alberta